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Global Access offers a Nationwide Low Price Guarantee on our franchised Product lines, coupled with rapid order processing. When ordering from Global you can expect a knowledgeable staff to assist in custom kitting for your projects and an on time shipping quote complete with a tracking number as well as confirmation of delivery. Global Access Unlimited is a dynamic distributor featuring a diverse line of integrated circuits and semi conductor’s, Commercial and Residential Lighting Solutions, State-of-the-art fiber optic cable and network products, fiber optic assemblies, and much more. Our customer service is second to none.
Global Access Unlimited has offered the best of our industry to the corporate and institutional worlds since 1995. That is when we began this venture, combining the reliability of yesterday with the frequently lower prices of today. We are an independent, woman owned small business that has long been fulfilling the needs of the military and other governmental organizations as well as commercial interests.We are sure to provide top quality for all materials, and our customer service is second to none. Global Access Unlimited is a Stocking, Wholesaler, National Distributor of a diverse product line of Electronic Components, LED Lights, Wire, Cable, Fiber Optics, Data, Broadcast, Security, and Communication Products.

Global Access Unlimited now purchases excess inventory and overrun!

Integrated Circuits
LED Lighting
Fiber Optic Cables
When you buy electronic components, we encourage you to consider the various reasons behind the fact that more clients are opting for our individualized services over the competition. We have what you need including, Integrated circuit chips, Semiconductors, Passives, Interconnects, and much more! Save money, save energy and save time replacing lighting by upgrading to energy efficient lighting. It's a simple way for your business to significantly cut costs on one of your largest energy expenses with, LED Bulbs, LED Canopy Lights, LED Retrofit Kits, LED Fixtures, LED Tube Lights ,LED Track Lights and much more! We are the industry leader in the supplying and distributing of structured cabling products/fiber optic cable WITH NO LEAD TIME! We also have a robust selection of other structure cabling products such as Cable Management ,CAT5E/CAT6 Cables and Inserts ,Fiber Optic Jumpers, Network Products ,Racks and Enclosures, Fiber Optic Test Equipment, and much more!
We are a company with strong military support ( Cage Code: 1FFV4-WOSB), and we have earned the confidence of many others. Call today for your complimentary consultation.
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Global Access Unlimited offers a GUARANTEED SAVINGS on your ELECTRICITY BILL when you switch to LED Lighting! Watch our video below to find out more.
Before online ordering revolutionized the electronic parts industry, only a handful of companies were deemed worthy of conducting the vast percentage of business. It was an industry of insiders, which meant that prices for any part, no matter how common or overstocked, remained static. Our founder realized that there was enough profit to go around even if prices were significantly reduced, and she followed through on this idea when launching the business years ago.We have also passed savings along to our customers for parts that are considered obsolete and hard-to-locate. When firms come to us for any part, we understand that it is with a desire to save time and money. Instead of investing time and money for a brand new IT system, which includes installation and training staff, many firms prefer to extend the life of their existing equipment and save money for a fiscal year, and those in the foreseeable future.In this world of internet ordering, some firms may run the risk of encountering counterfeit materials from unproven, small-time brokers. Though we are smaller than many distribution suppliers, we are well established and trusted throughout the world. We are compliant with the global guidelines posted by the International Organization for Standardization, including AS 9100 (which deals with aerospace regulations) and MIL Standard 45208 (which covers military regulations).We specialize in all types of materials, including obsolete parts and components, surplus goods, as well as military equipment; that will frequently entail passives, actives as well as … 
Terminals and connectors Cables Resistors Capacitors Protection devices Networks Power devices More Integrated circuits… These chips are used in most electronic devices today and have revolutionized technology as an efficient micro-system in electronics. It makes troubleshooting electronics simple by performing many functions as a single and efficient unit. Semiconductors … These involve materials and systems that are the foundation of modern electronics. They help order and control the various components necessary for making your tech work. You name the parts and systems required on your list, and we will find an affordable part despite how rare it may be. Fiber optic cables and parts … Transmitting signals via light through these cables and devices have drastically improved communications throughout the world. We help you stay connected. Military components and wire … We have a long tradition serving military entities with 100% reliable functionality. Not to be forgotten is just the right touch of customer service that you just cannot easily find in our industry. We devote an entire department and facility to ensuring the proper functioning of your order and you may access a member of our client services team at your convenience via telephone and email. Our business follows worldwide standards, quality assurance and 100% customer care for all parts and every order. We provide free estimates at:  
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